My Dream…

dream3He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy he will save.  (Psalm 72:13 NASB)

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged.  You could say, I was working hard at implementing a dream.  I really was…  But, no excuse not to drop a line, right?  I finally am taking time to let you in on my journey and commit to keep you in the loop.

I’m all about change and growth.  For years, I’ve worked to improve my communication, various skills, you name it.  One subject that’s been very dear to my heart has been minimizing the effects of homelessness on family.

17 years ago, I found myself facing homelessness with my two children.  My stint lasted for three months and I was fortunate enough to be able to live with someone until I could regain my footing.  How did this even happen?  For me, it was due to a pretty horrible marriage.  You see, I had relocated from Charlotte, NC and gotten married, but this guy wasn’t who I thought he was at all.  (That’s a story for another day.)

According to the National Coalition of the Homeless, “…approximately half of all women and children experiencing homelessness are fleeing domestic violence.”  These situations happen a lot more than you think.  Did you know that some of these same women can even end up in commercial sex trafficking?

Back to my dream…  I’m working on opening up homes that will serve as transitional housing to help bring hope to these families.  These homes would serve as a support mechanism, providing counseling, life skills and education.

The first house we’re working with needs renovation work which I’m raising money to get the repairs completed.  The house needs re-wiring, roofing repairs, and plumbing, etc.  I’m also actively seeking other opportunities to fund this cause through partnerships, grants, etc.

I already realize that this dream can’t come into fruition by itself or relying on any one source.  I believe it takes all of us, working together, to add value by tapping into what we do best.  So, I welcome your help, whether you’re local or in another state.  Homelessness affects us nationally and it’s up to us to do something about it!


magnifying_glass_small_hr88It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a thing.  -Proverbs 25:2 AMP

Have you noticed that God will place things on your heart that are bigger than you?  You feel overwhelmed because you’re not sure how to accomplish the task.  The tendency is to procrastinate because doing something new is scary.  –But, if you never step forward in it, you’ll never realize how strong you really are.  If you run in the opposite direction, you will truly fail to discover the treasure of possibilities that were destined for your life.

You see, you were designed to overcome obstacles, not play in the safe zone forever.  “Safe zone thinking” leaves us with a boring, unfulfilled life that subsequently causes limited growth.  Safe zone thinking prevents us from discovering and developing new areas of strength.  When we can make steps towards doing the “hard” task, we will make way to grow in a whole new area, creating fresh confidence and bolstering our capacity.

One of my biggest fears was having to speak in front of people.  I was the person that kept to myself.  I was fine in one-on-one settings and even small groups, but speaking in front of a crowd was like climbing Mount Everest.  Too hard… Frightening…  Scary…  I didn’t want the extra attention or spotlight.  How did I overcome my fear?  Bottom line was I had to “just do it”.  But also, I had to assess a few thoughts.

Why does this make me afraid?

What will happen if I confront my fear?

Will this be the end of me or is this an opportunity to be stretched?

Am I willing to let go of my fear?

Since it wasn’t going to kill me, I made steps towards preparation.  I made sure I had my notes in front of me and just went for it.  I also took a public speaking class.  What is it that you can do to help you reach your objective?

It was vital that I overcome my fear and by the grace of God, I did just that.  The more I stood to speak the better I got.  The more I did what I feared, the more confidence was built within me.  It provided new building blocks by which I could grow.  That’s really how we can make steps towards conquering our fears…  Face them and don’t allow excuses to hold us back.

Embrace opportunities for growth.  It’s a part of our experiencing life.  After all, you are powerful!  You were made for this!  You have skills and giftings that are meant to be shared and expressed.  You have dreams that were deposited in you because you have the potential to accomplish it.

Though it would be great if everything could be laid out for us, usually that’s not how it works.  A good portion of our growth and development is searching it out.  –Just doing it!!!  It gives you the opportunity to learn and investigate as you’re sorting through it.  You don’t have to let fear petrify you any longer.  Make the effort to do what God is telling you and know that He’s right there with you.  He will highlight the details for you and send the connections, but you have to be willing to step forward to take the brave steps He shows you.

Just Do It…