Broken Doesn’t Mean Trash: Healed by Love, A Journey of Challenges

downloadWe’ve all been there at one point or another, that deep, depressing feeling of self-doubt and endless pity caused by yet another “mistake.” Walking into a room or logging onto social media feels like torture, like everyone is looking at you, judging. Just because you feel broken, damaged, or tarnished, doesn’t mean you’re trash. You may have had some terrible relationships, made some poor choices, or just gotten tripped up and side tracked, but we are more than the sum of our mistakes.

A Journey of Challenges

Even in our darkest moments, all we crave is someone to reach out and tell us,hand-reaching-out “Everything will be O.K.” We need love and  relationships to be whole, but when we get tripped up, broken, or make not so great choices, we alienate ourselves. It’s in those instances that we need love the most, but who will be there regardless of what we do, how we act, or what we look like? In this highly superficial world that is so focused on appearances, who will stand by you to the very end?

Healed by Love

download (1)There is only one being that will meet all of these requirements: God. Through the Love of the Father, all can be forgiven, mended, and clarified. No longer does rejection, fear, or anger have to dictate your decisions. With the Love of the Father, you can say “NO!” to self-doubt and pity to take charge of your life and embrace the unique and beautiful person you were created to be.

Not everyone is prepared to start their journey towards God on their own. Some people need that extra hand to reach out, shine the light, and guide them in the right direction. At Flaming Heart Ministries, we strive to be a light onto your path, a helping hand to all who need it, and help others find their purpose. If you need direction, in work, marriage, or just in life, contact us today.



My Dream…

dream3He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy he will save.  (Psalm 72:13 NASB)

So, it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged.  You could say, I was working hard at implementing a dream.  I really was…  But, no excuse not to drop a line, right?  I finally am taking time to let you in on my journey and commit to keep you in the loop.

I’m all about change and growth.  For years, I’ve worked to improve my communication, various skills, you name it.  One subject that’s been very dear to my heart has been minimizing the effects of homelessness on family.

17 years ago, I found myself facing homelessness with my two children.  My stint lasted for three months and I was fortunate enough to be able to live with someone until I could regain my footing.  How did this even happen?  For me, it was due to a pretty horrible marriage.  You see, I had relocated from Charlotte, NC and gotten married, but this guy wasn’t who I thought he was at all.  (That’s a story for another day.)

According to the National Coalition of the Homeless, “…approximately half of all women and children experiencing homelessness are fleeing domestic violence.”  These situations happen a lot more than you think.  Did you know that some of these same women can even end up in commercial sex trafficking?

Back to my dream…  I’m working on opening up homes that will serve as transitional housing to help bring hope to these families.  These homes would serve as a support mechanism, providing counseling, life skills and education.

The first house we’re working with needs renovation work which I’m raising money to get the repairs completed.  The house needs re-wiring, roofing repairs, and plumbing, etc.  I’m also actively seeking other opportunities to fund this cause through partnerships, grants, etc.

I already realize that this dream can’t come into fruition by itself or relying on any one source.  I believe it takes all of us, working together, to add value by tapping into what we do best.  So, I welcome your help, whether you’re local or in another state.  Homelessness affects us nationally and it’s up to us to do something about it!